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About Got Skill?

Our Got Skill? games provide a win-win-win scenario for patrons; bars, pubs, restaurants, and other establishments; and MADD Canada. Our Got Skill games are fun, entertaining, and 100% Skill based.

Benefits For Your Patrons

• Fun and engaging games that require hand-eye      coordination and timing to win prizes
• Prizes - up to $3000
• Give them more Reasons to Visit
• Give them more Reasons to Stay

Benefits For You

• No Capital Cost
• Incremental Revenue
• Drives traffic to your location

Why should I be interested?

• Earn a percentage of Net Revenue (Net Revenue = Gross Revenue less Prizes & Free Play Promotions).
• Your patrons love to play games, we believe they will love to play these ones.

How does it work?

• The Skill Games are available on multiple platforms/hardware. Hardware may include tablets, cabinets and/or bar-tops and our dedicated POS - all installed in your bar/restaurant at no cost. 
• Patrons have the option to play the games before, during and after food and/or drinks to win prizes and cash.

Establishment Support

• Skill-Based Games provides software and hardware support to Establishments. 
• Call Centre support - 7 days a week.
• Reporting and tracking

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